What We Do

  • Consultation

    We provide consultation services for allied professionals , schools,hospitals, churches, Tv & radio stations and many more.

  • Assessments

    Psychologists use test kits to help clients learn more about themselves and how they are functioning in specific areas that are causing challenges in their lives.

  • One on One Counselling

    The therapeutic sessions provides the opportunity to explore the challenges that are interfering with emotional health and well-being of the clients

  • Couples Counselling

    Couples therapy is solution focused and provides the opportunity to explore the root causes of issues that may be affecting a relationship.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training

    We offer CPD courses and career mentoring programs in partnership with Psyc Care consult.

  • Mental Health talks, seminar and workshops

    The team provides psycho education on topics ranging from depression, anxiety, stress management , mood disorder and other featured topics. The workshops are a blend of learning and using practical exercises to equip clients with healthy coping mechanisms

  • Community Wellness Activities

    We host /facilitate community wellness activities such as art therapy, pottery and yoga to build connectedness as well as create a supportive space for people